Residential Window Cleaning Services

So How Do We Do It?
How do we get your window “so clean they look open?” Here’s a complete description of how we clean your windows every time. We usually have one window cleaning technician washing the outside while another cleans the inside using a microfiber strip washer and a solution that consists of water and our window cleaning detergent. This window cleaning solution will make your windows sparkle. We then use our special scrubbing pad on all glass inside and outside to remove any stuck on dirt. When needed, we also use a professional window cleaning scrapper to remove any paint or construction debris (additional cost may apply for detailed construction debris).

It’s all in the details…
After thoroughly wetting the window, we’ll squeegee the water off, and towel dry around the pane where water collects. We then hand wash each screen and dry them completely before replacing (included when we do inside and outside). In cases where the window screens are extremely dirty and cleaning them by hand doesn't cut it, we use our custom screen cleaning tool that rinses, brush and dries the screen (at an additional cost). They come out looking like new. Please note the premium screen service comes at an additional cost. When we’re all done with the windows and screens, we’ll clean the tracks and the window sills. We pride ourselves on perfection. All of our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What's Not Included...

  • We do not 'wash' the window frames. We wipe them with a damp cloth and remove the surface dust and dirt. If you would like a more detailed clean, to remove mould from window frames, for example, please let us know at the time of the quote.

  • Internal glass such as mirrors, internal doors etc are not included in your quote unless discussed at the time of the quote and specifically detailed in your written quote.

  • We cannot remove years of grime and grease that accumulates in window and door tracks. We do brush them and wipe them with a damp cloth to remove the most visible grime.

  • We do not remove hard water stains during a standard window cleaning. Hard water stains require chemicals.

  • We DO NOT remove cement and mortar for recently built premises during a standard window cleaning service. THIS IS ONLY PART OF A POST-CONSTRUCTION WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE that we can certainly quote you for.

Gutter Cleaning services

CleanWindowsAndGutters.com can help keep your gutters clean and working properly. Taking care of your gutters, not only increases curb value, but also saves you money by preventing costly future repairs. We clean your gutters out by hand and auger your downspouts as required. Cleaning your gutters is an inexpensive way to protect against damage to one of your most important investments, your home.

Gutters were designed to catch the entire flow of water from your roof. If your gutters are clogged, the water has nowhere to go, except over your gutters. This can lead to water finding an easy path into your foundation or inner walls. It can even back up under your shingles and damage your roof. Cleaning your gutters regularly will protect you from potentially large amounts of damage to your home.

CleanWindowsAndGutters.com offers gutter cleaning for homes up to three stories.

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